Presentation 4

Friday May 18th , 2012 from 7-9pm
Smith Center for Healing and the Arts


The panel is intended to illuminate new ways of thinking by showcasing conversations that bridge the healing arts, ecology, and social networking in the creation of art; and conversely to examine how art influences scientific and clinical practice and pedagogies.

Looking at the collaborative efforts of two teams of artists and scientists, the evening will unfold their various conversations and inquiries as they have worked together to explore new avenues of awareness.

The first team Caroline Wellbery and Erwin Timmers consider medical waste and its environmental impact. By looking at areas of concern that mutually affect artists and healers, what can be said about how art and science instruct and help one another in raising awareness about environmental responsibility in the area of health care?

The second team Giorgio Ascoli and Alice Quartrochi have explored neuro-scientific images to evaluate how physical concepts and theories reflect perception and expression. Their collaborative process that grew from virtual neuron models to interpretative sculptural rendering will be examined.

The third collaborative team Selin Oguz Balci and Yilmaz Balci will describe their considerations about artistic and scientific practices that observe plant pathogens, their impact on the environment, and usefulness as transformative materials and interactive elements.