Moderator – Helen Frederick

Helen C. Frederick (born 1945 in Pennsylvania) is an American artist known mainly for printed media and large scale works created by hand papermaking and the use of language. She is recognized as a distinguished curator, educator, coordinator of international projects, and as founder of Pyramid Atlantic, A Center for Printmaking, Hand Papermaking, the Art of the Book, and Digital Media, Silver Spring, MD. As an advocate for and an active participant in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area arts scene for the last 30 years, she has played a role in the revitalization of the Silver Spring, MD arts corridor, served on the directorial boards of alternative art spaces in D.C., various local and national boards and national peer-review panels. She has exhibited, curated exhibitions, and fulfilled speaking engagements around the world, always emphasizing collaboration across disciplines. Her recent interests lie in understanding how assimilated technologies grow from indigenous cultures and are a primary trajectory of this century. She serves as Professor of Art, School of Art and Design, George Mason University, Fairfax. VA.