Caroline Wellbery

Caroline Wellbery has been teaching in the Family Medicine Department at Georgetown University since 1994, and has been involved in all aspects of teaching both at the medical student and residency level. She is also Associate Deputy Editor of American Family Physician.  Her long-standing interest in medical humanities goes back to her graduate student days, when at Stanford University, she received a PhD in Comparative Literature. Her dissertation concerned the structuring of the emotions in the 18th-century novel. Her interest in the affective dimensions of cognition has persisted throughout her medical career. Her humanities work is represented in the website Interacting with the medical humanities.

Other current interests include medical uncertainty, cognitive error, and communicating through the arts with vulnerable groups, as well as a mechanism for social change.  She has published on medical, medical education and human interest topics in national and international journals, including BMJ, Lancet and American Family Physician.