Alice Quatrochi

My studies and work experience have always occupied a zone between art and science. Perhaps this path is simply an outgrowth of my dual interests in art and the natural world. I enjoy recording my observations with available knowledge and expressing those impressions through the agency of art.

Although I’ve studied Biology and I’ve worked as a research technician in NIH labs, in Utah and Texas, I realized that I preferred to think and work in a more divergent, conceptual realm. I turned my experience into scientific illustration and later into graphic illustration and design for business orientated brochures and periodicals.

My husband and I worked for ARAMCO, Arabian-American Oil Company in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia where I worked as an illustrator for the largest training effort produced in Kingdom. This overseas employment became the platform to fulfill my life-long ambition to travel the world. After leaving ARAMCO, my husband and I travelled extensively before returning stateside.

Upon my return stateside I worked for IT firms, engineering companies and marketing firms. Later I used by contacts to establish a free-lance practice while raising children at home.

2009- Enrolled in GMU to reorient my 24 year career in Graphic Design to focus in Fine Arts. My goals were to explore Art as an investigative tool and understand how the processes of art practice could be adapted to other endeavors.  I declared my focus as Independent Study in order to combine Educational Psychology & Art- and capitalize on previous university studies and work experience in Art and medical science.

2011- Applied and selected for “ Science talks to Art, Art talks to Science”, an interdisciplinary internship supported by SOFA lab and The Center for Consciousness and Transformation.  During this internship I experienced a unique collaborative process comprised of learning and respecting the data, asserting my artistic judgment and negotiating for aesthetic priorities amidst data driven considerations that would enhance the viewer experience. As important, I learned that the artistic process and the scientific process are complementary to one another and enhance our comprehension and investigation of natural phenomenon.