Among the various human endeavors, art and science are different but complementary paths in advancing our collective “consciousness”. These two seemingly disparate human intellectual pursuits do not exclude each other and the questions on “what we know” and “how we know” are central to both artistic and scientific inquiries. There are transformative instances when science and art produce a resonance. A good scientific theory, while rigorous in its derivations, must involve an inspiration or a seed of transcendence in its formation. Similarly, an inspiring piece of art usually contains elements of internal logic and “natural laws” with which a reflective reality of the human existence is timelessly captured. Often time, these successful scientific discoveries and artistic achievements bring about additional transformative changes in our societal well-being and health. SOFAlab – Science of Art Laboratory is to explore the mind, body, and spirit of those who achieve and transform consciousness through science, art, and healing and to provide ways for this information to be shared.